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G&T with Greta & Taylor

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Oct 10, 2020

In honor of a special occasion, we run down the top five movie wedding's we like to attend as a guest.

Join us in two weeks for Panic Room (2002) and The Last King of Scotland (2006). 

Oct 2, 2020

In true Christopher Guest fashion, we get pretty loosey goosey, and scenes don't end up where you think they might. 

Join us next week for a SURPRISE SPECIAL EPISODE!

Then two weeks after that Panic Room (2002) and The Last King of Scotland (2006)

Check out out our Instrgaram, it's fun, I...

Sep 18, 2020

This week, we try to talk about light, colorful video game adaptations aimed at children. We sort of do, but mostly talk about depictions of cops onscreen. It gets dark. Then it's less dark. 

Join us next time for Best in Show (2000) & A Mighty Wind (2003)

Check out the

Sep 4, 2020

This week, Greta and Taylor discuss two Tom Hanks movies. What the hell else do you need to know?

Join us next week for a sobering discussion of Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) and Detective Pikachu (2019). 

Instrgram yay!

Aug 21, 2020

NOTE UP TOP: We apologize for referring to Dule Hill as starring in the film "The Legend of Bagger Vance." We regret the error, and will sweat those important details more in future episodes. 

After a brief announcement about the timing of the recording of this episode, Greta and Taylor get into their love for...